Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Student Questionnaire for Beginning of Year

My old student questionnaire
Since I will be traveling quite a bit in August, I am getting my papers in order for the beginning of the year and stumbled upon my standard student questionnaire in a folder.  Once I glanced at it I realized how it was in need of a serious revamping and thus asked my PLN for must ask questions for this document.  Thank you so much to everyone who inspired me!

Here is a link to the Google Doc - feel free to make a copy and make it your own.

Here are just the questions (for the actual survey go to the link) that I will be using that first week of school to get to know the kids better.

  1. What are the three most important things I should know about you?
  1. What are things you are really good at?
  1. What are you most proud of?
  1. What is the favorite thing you did this summer?
  1. What have you most loved learning (even if not in school)?  Why?
  1. What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not in school?
  1. What is the best book or books you have ever read?
  1. What do you want to learn HOW to do?
  1. I think 5th grade will be....
  1. What do you love about school?
  1. What do you not like about school?
  1. I work best in a classroom that is....
  1. Some things I really want to to work on this year in 5th grade are....
  1. What are things you cannot wait to do this year?
  1. I learn best when the teacher is....
  1. What do you know about Mrs. Ripp?


Amy said...

Awesome! Thank you!! This will definitely be used during the first week of school.
(BTW - while changing the grade level and name I noticed that #13 has a type "I really want to to")

Brenda Eaves said...

Along with the HOW do you want to learn, would it be helpful to ask who do you want to learn it from - what do you want to learn and how do you imagine that happening? I think I would be curious to know who my students saw as teachers.

Ang said...

Thanks so much! I've been working on a new student questionnaire that more adequately reflects my new goals for this year. This was just the jumping off point I needed.

Phil Taylor said...

Thanks for sharing a wonderful survey. Great way to start the year.

Connie said...

Just whatt I was planning on working on this week. These questions will totally help you hear the student's voice. Love it!

Tejesh Mehta said...

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